Friday, 6 March 2015

Zeptolabs Releases King Of Thieves On Google Play

ZeptoLab, the creators of famous Cut the Rope game launched King of Thieves, a new Strategy game on Google Play. The game should be supported on most Android devices, and it even has Android TV support so you can play with a controller and on the big screen if you so choose. The game is already available in Apple iTunes Store and Amazon Appstore.

The goal in King of Thieves is simple, steal copious amounts of gold from other players after you make it through their custom made dungeon defense. The game isn’t just about stealing though, you have to protect your own gold too. The game comes with the multi player mode too but if you’re not interested in jumping right into the multiplayer mode, there is also a single player mode with 80 levels to show you the ropes.

You can download the game from here, Android and iPhone and iPad.

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