Wednesday, 11 March 2015

MOVE: A Practical Simulator for Mobility Model in VANETs

Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (VANETs) is surging in popularity, in which vehicles constitute the mobile nodes in the network. Due to the prohibitive cost of deploying and implementing such a system in real world, most research in VANETs relies on simulations for evaluation. A key component for VANETs simulations is a realistic vehicular mobility model that ensures conclusions drawn from simulation experiments will carry through to real deployments. In VANETs simulations, the mobility models used affect strongly the simulation output. Researchers need to decide what level of details are required for their simulations.

MOVE allows users to rapidly generate realistic mobility models for VANETs simulations. MOVE is built on top of an open source micro-traffic simulator SUMO. The output of MOVE is a realistic mobility model and can be immediately used by popular network simulators such as NS-2.

NOTE: MOVE supports only SUMO-0.12.3

MOVE Installation 
  • Download the MOVE Software from here.
  • The file that you have downloaded is a java executable file, so you need to run the following command to run the file
  • java -jar filename.jar (Java required, if you have not installed java click here)
  • Once the command is executed, a screen pop out 
This is how the screen looks like

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