Tuesday, 17 March 2015

WhatsApp Voice Calling Works Great but Activations are Limited

It seems that everyone wants WhatsApp calling feature in their device. In order to activate the calling feature you need update your WhatsApp to the latest version and you need to receive a call from your friend who has already activated this feature. After receiving the call close and reopen the app and you will see the change in the layout. You will be seeing three tabs in your Whatsapp. The calls tab, chats tab and contacts tab. You can use this calling feature and make calls to your WhatsApp contacts over VoIP. You won't be able to make a call if your friend has not updated the app.

Some of my friends and relatives called me told to help them get WhatsApp calling feature. I told them the above procedure and as I have already activated the calling feature, I called them and asked them to close the app and reopen the app. So sad to hear none of them got the calling feature today. But last night 3-4 of my friend's got the calling feature after I called them.

WhatsApp has limited the feature to a certain number of users, devices or zones. It all depends on the servers at WhatsApp, whether the calling features will be activated for you or not. So if you did get that call and your WhatsApp is still not activated, it is a high possibility that WhatsApp has limited the feature accordingly, from their end.

So at this point all I can say is the voice calling feature is not a hoax as I am using it, Though there is a little lag in the call and the call quality is poor. If they open up the gates again for a limited time (as they are doing so), there are chances that you could tap in on the exact timing and get your WhatsApp calling feature active too. However, there are no intimations as to when will the gates open up and when it will get activated on your smartphone.


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