Monday, 23 March 2015

“On-Body Detection” Smart Lock Feature Rolling Out by Google

“On-Body detection” Smart Lock
“On-Body detection” Smart Lock
Google is adding a feature to Android's smart lock that can detect when the smartphone is being held or carried. The On-Body detection feature makes sure that your smartphone remains unlocked when you are holding your device or carrying it with you. It uses the accelerometer in the phone to detect its orientation. The new feature aims to significantly cut down the number of times users need to enter a passcode to unlock their phones while they are out and about. The feature is yet to be announced officially, but it was spotted in some phones recently.

Android Lollipop devices are likely to get the feature in the coming days as the feature was first spotted on Nexus 4 and is being rolled out to Nexus devices. Only a limited number of users are noticing the new Smart Lock feature, indicating that Google plans to roll out the feature slowly.

Users can try to activate the feature on devices running the latest Google Play Services ( 7.0.97). Some non-nexus users running Android 5.0 have notified that the feature has been added. The feature might utilize the specific heart rate rhythm of a user to remain unlocked in the future. Analyzing body temperature and voice identification might also be utilized for improved security.

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