Thursday 8 October 2015

Hike Direct Allows Users Chat, Share Files Without Internet

Hike has launched a new feature named Hike Direct which will allow the app to function without an Internet connection and also said that it has reached a user base of over 70 million. If you are within a range of 100 meter radius, Hike Direct can function without an Internet Connection. The technology used to create the feature is same as the Wi-Fi direct technology which establishes peer to peer network connection between two phones, its available in most smartphones today.

Hike Direct
Hike Direct
You can transfer 70MB data in less then 10 seconds using Hike Direct. All you need to do is open a chat with a friend and choose Hike Direct from the 3 dot menu on top right of the screen and hike does the rest. Hike automatically pairs up with the other phone and lets you chat and share files with your friends without the internet.

“Hike Direct has been built on breakthrough technology that adds a whole new dimension to messaging enabling hikers to chat and share files with their friends without the internet and without incurring any data charges. One can get speeds up to 40 Mbit/sec when chatting and sharing files through hike direct. Data or no data, hike will always work. It’s incredibly powerful”, Kavin Mittal, Founder & CEO hike messenger said in a statement.

Download your Hike Messenger from here today.

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