Tuesday 20 October 2015

From The Mountain To The Ocean, Available in Flipkart

Roshni Rai is an Advocate, the ultra marathon runner, a motivational speaker and an Author. She left her village Pedong and went to Mumbai in 2004 after a heart break. She completed her LLM (Masters in Law) from Mumbai University in 2006. She ran her first Half Marathon during Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2007, in which she badly injured her knee due to the lack of proper training. She started marathon training under the guidance of her Coach Daniel Vaz from the year 2008. She has run more than forty races, which includes 10km races, half marathons (21km), marathons (50km), ultra marathons of 50km, 75km and the Comrades Marathon of 89km. She has run four international races two in UK, one in Czech Republic and one in South Africa.

She is a founder of Run with Roshni Foundation (Follow in Facebook and Twitter) through which, she is supporting underprivileged Gorkha runners from Darjeeling to run marathons in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Shillog since the year 2012. Despite being a non athlete during her school days, she could graduate from running 10km to 89km, which Roshni attributes to her Gorkha genes, who are physically very strong due to the geographical locations in which they grow up. She says, if the Gorkha kids get proper guidance from the right age, they have the potential to become world class runners and compete with the Kenyans and Ethiopians.

Vision of ‘Run with Roshni Foundation’ is to create a team of Gorkha runners, who will win Olympic Marathon for India, which will ultimately help to eliminate the identity crisis faced by Indian Gorkhas. In every marathon, they participate, her team, wears t-shirts with slogan- WE ARE GORKHAS PROUD TO BE INDIAN. JAI GORKHA JAI HIND!

Roshni’s book ‘From the Mountain to the Ocean Run with Roshni’ is published  by YouTooCanRun Sports Management Pvt Ltd in Mumbai. Book was launched on 12th September in Mumbai by Mr. Adille Sumariwala, the Olympian and the President of the Athletic Federation of India on the occasion of a Charity Event ‘Ramailo with Gorkhas’ organised by Run with Roshni Foundation.

Till date book is launched in the following places :-
  1. In Pedong by Mr. Dawa Lepcha Sabhasad of Pedong.
  2. In Darjeeling by Mr. DT Tamlong, Chief Secretary of Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council (Retd.) in the presence of Mrs. Asha Gurung, wife of Mr. Bimal Gurung and Mrs. Hira Rasailey a renowned singer of Darjeeling.
  3. In Kalimpong by Dr. Harka Bahadur Chetti, MLA and Mr. CK Shrestra, renowned artist and author.
  4. In Guwahati by Mrs. Anshu Jamsenpa, first mother in the world and only Indian woman who scaled the Mount Everest thrice and Mrs. Pomi Baruah, Officer on Special Duty (OSD) to the Chief Minister, Govt. of Assam.
  5. In Gangtok, the book was launched in the best Book Store 2015 of India, i.e Rachana Books, Gangtok by Ms. S.B Subba, Finance Director. 
Roshni had sent the manuscript of her book to the many publishing houses but she could not get through to any of them and reason given by them was that ‘it was not fitting into their policy to publish her book.’ Roshni assumes that since she has written some chapters on Gorkhas and the issue of their identity crisis in their own motherland and may be that was the reason for not accepting her manuscript by these publishing houses.

Roshni approached her publisher YouTooCanRun Sports Management Pvt. Ltd, who gave ISBN number to her book but she had to bear the expenses of Editor, Designer and the printer. Now she is travelling to different places on her own expenses to promote the book. She says that her book will empower the Gorkhas to realise their own potentials and it will enlighten non Gorkhas to understand; how the Gorkhas are Indian.

She will be launching her books in following places :-

  1. Bangalore on 8th November, 2015, where she is going to participate in 100 km Bangalore Ultra Marathon on 7th November, 2015.
  2. Dehradun on 19th November, 2015, where the Gorkha Sudhar Sabha is organising 8km race to promote the Khalanga Fort.
  3. Delhi on 29th November, 2015 after her participation in Airtel Delhi Half Marathon.
Book is also available on Flipkart now, Please do get you your copies soon as there is a high demand for the book and it might go "Out of Stock". The book will be launched in Bangalore on 8th November, 2015 and TechErina will be there.

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