Friday, 7 November 2014

WhatsApp Now With Blue Ticks, What do they mean?

WhatsApp Now With Blue Ticks
WhatsApp Now With Blue Ticks
Update your WhatsApp now because the social messaging app has introduced a new notification, but what does Whatsapp's new blue tick notify?

WhatsApp has finally issued an update where the chat shows a blue tick once it's been read.

Previously a single grey tick represented that the message has been successfully sent, while two grey ticks mean it has been delivered to their phone. Now once the ticks turn blue, the recipient has read your message, the company confirmed in their blog post.

The FAQ page on WhatsApp's website has been updated to explain the new feature.
WhatsApp Blue Ticks
WhatsApp Blue Ticks
It also says that a similar feature will appear in group chat windows, but the ticks will turn blue only when everyone in the group has read your message.

Now you read the message and don't reply you are caught. You need not see the online status or the last seen again and again.

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