Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Nimbuzz launches TrueCaller rival, Holaa

Instant messaging company Nimbuzz has launched new caller identification app Holaa. Holaa is basically a free caller ID app and is much like the popular Truecaller app. It is available only on Android. Holaa!, like Truecaller, allows users to see details like the caller’s name, photo and location during an incoming call live. It also helps block spam calls from pesky spammers or other unwanted callers.

Vikas Saxena, CEO of Nimbuzz, says "Our experience in emerging markets gives us insights into user behavior and allows us to deliver a more optimized product. To give you an example, Holaa! is 30 percent smaller in app size than Truecaller and 30 percent less RAM intensive. This means the application can be downloaded across a wider variety of devices, including the lower end handsets, and ensures minimum impact on the phone’s battery."
Nimbuzz Holaa
Nimbuzz Holaa

Commenting on the launch, Vikas Saxena, CEO, Nimbuzz India said, “On an average, 4 out of 10 calls that a pre-paid mobile user receives are from unknown numbers while 1 out of these 4 unknown calls is a spam call. This makes it one of the mass market needs on smartphones today. Nimbuzz has always tried to address a mass market need, satisfying millions of users. With Nimbuzz we did it for chatting and free VoIP calls. We hope to do the same with Holaa for call management.”

Holaa is currently available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Persian and Portuguese. App is only available for Android devices.

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