Sunday, 24 January 2016

Facebook Sharing Coming to WhatsApp?

Facebook purchased WhatsApp for $19 Billion in year 2014. It has not changed much in its features, apart Voice Calling Features between Whats App users. It seems that Facebook and Whats App have been acting as two different bodies.

A new leak about the upcoming WhatsApp build reveals that WhatsApp will now allow cross communication between Facebook and WhatsApp accounts. When messing with root commands, version 4.12.413 of WhatsApp shows the option of linking a WhatsApp account with a Facebook account to “improve Facebook experiences”.

Google+ user Javier Santos has found out some new options residing in WhatsApp’s latest beta build, v4.12.413. These options indicate that WhatsApp is preparing to start sharing its data with Facebook, in order to “improve Facebook experiences”. This change will come along with a new set of Terms of Service that users will have to agree to.

Last month, some leaked images of WhatsApp went viral which showed WhatsApp testing video calling support. WhatsApp for iOS version is being tested internally. So far, there has been no word on video call support officially arriving to WhatsApp but speculation has it the feature may be rolled out early next year.

Just a week after WhatsApp proclaimed that it is not charging $1 as annual fee, and it further said that they are seeking to see new information that points to a convenient relationship between messaging service “WhatsApp” and its parental company, Facebook.

WhatsApp is definitely up to something big. Lets us all wait for the change.

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