Tuesday, 12 January 2016

All Moto Smartphones in 2016 will Feature Fingerprint Scanners

Moto smartphones launching in 2016 will feature fingerprint scanners. Chen Xudong, SVP of Lenovo and President for Lenovo China and Asia Pacific revealed the 2016 plan. Further, Xudong added that all Motorola phones will feature a screen size of at least 5-inches and there will be no handset in the lineup measuring around 4.7-inches, which was the screen size of original Moto X. Speaking about the design, he said that Moto handsets will receive tweak in design to "better suit" consumers from eastern and western parts of the world.

The Moto moniker will be used for higher end smartphones within the Lenovo lineup while the Vibe branding will be used for lower end handsets in 2016. Finally, Chen Xudong stressed that Google services will "definitely" re-enter China before the end of the year. This means that the Play Store might finally battle it out over there with the dozens of local app stores for Android, while staple Google properties such as Gmail and Maps could once again be openly used by people living in the mainland.

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