Monday, 20 April 2015

OnePlus One Goes Invite Free Globally Forever

If you are waiting for an invite to buy OnePlus One smartphone, you need not wait further. OnePlus just announced to open sales globally including India. Both 16GB Silk White and 64GB Sandstone Black will be available for purchase through official website globally and through in India without an invite. 

OnePlus on its official blog, said, "Since the early days, our company has changed quite a lot. We’ve grown to over 700 employees and have sold over one million OnePlus Ones worldwide. We’ve also learned an immeasurable amount from all of you. We pour over your comments on our forums and social media and soak in the feedback you give us at events all around the world. We try to not just listen, but also act on these lessons. Your feedback has resulted in a wider range of accessories, better logistics options and an evolution from invites to pre-orders to Tuesday Open Sales. Now, we’re taking it one step further.

That’s right. In our first big celebration of the One’s successful year, we are opening up sales globally for everyone, every day of the week. We have always wanted to put great products into the hands of more people. And, we now feel confident that we have matured enough to handle the increased complexity that comes along with opening up sales completely.

With the experiences we’ve gained with the One, we will be far more prepared to make the same transition with the OnePlus 2. Yes, the 2 will initially launch with invites. We’re committed to maintaining razor-thin margins in order to give as much value as possible back to our users, and this drastically increases our risk. The OnePlus 2 will bring the challenges that come along with a brand new product, and initially, our invite system will help us to manage that risk. It also helps us to be sure that every OnePlus 2 user gets the amazing experience that they deserve".

It is celebrating its anniversary by offering 75% discount on OnePlus Flip Covers and Premium Screen Protectors in USA/Canada, the European Union, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. For India it is offering flat 50% off on OnePlus JBL E1+ Earphones, OnePlus Flip Cover (White) and OnePlus Premium Matte Screen Protector. 

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