Thursday, 9 April 2015

Facebook Launched Standalone Messenger for Web,

Facebook launched a standalone Web version of its Messenger, with the launch of the website. Users can login to using Facebook account and all the existing chats will appear. Users can also make audio and video calls from the top right menu bar. The Web version is currently available in English only. 

With the new Messenger Web interface, users now have a dedicated Web page to chat with their Facebook friends just like on Similar to its move on the mobile front, the company has effectively separated Facebook Messenger from Facebook, but speaking with Re/code, a Facebook spokesperson has confirmed there are no plans to remove access to messaging services from its core Web service as of now.

A gear button on the upper left corner allows you to make setting adjustments, such as sound and desktop notifications. You also get the option to manage your Blocked list, but this link takes you back to the Facebook homepage.

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