Friday, 7 April 2017

Jio 'Summer Surprise' Offer Cancelled, You Can Still Get Free Reliance Jio Services

Yesterday, after TRAI issued an order to stop the free service of Jio the offer has been withdrawn by Reliance Jio. Jio Summer Surprise had offered their Prime user 3 months of free additional services provided the user has recharged their number with Rs. 303 or more. Now, as the Summer Surprise has been withdrawn it is still not too late to avail benefits of Jio 'Summer Surprise' offer as Reliance Jio is yet to roll it back - Jio said the process of rolling it back may take a couple of days.

Here is what Jio's Summer Surprise offered its customers:-

Every Jio Prime member who makes a recharge using Jio’s Rs. 303 plan (or any of Jio’s higher value plans) will get an additional three months of complimentary service. This means that if you buy Jio Prime membership and a recharge of Rs. 303 or higher value by April 15, you will get to use Jio services for free until June, and the paid plans will only start in July. If you’ve already subscribed to Jio Prime plan and bought a recharge, you will still get the Summer Surprise without any further action. The company added that the Jio Summer Surprise is going to be just the first of “many” surprises for Prime members.

When is Jio ‘Summer Surprise’ offer last date?

With the new order issued by TRAI, Jio 'Summer Surprise' now stands cancelled. Reliance Jio has agreed to roll it back but has not announced a concrete Jio ‘Summer Surprise’ offer last date yet. In a statement, the telecom operator said the promotional scheme will be withdrawn “as soon as operationally feasible.”

Can I still get Jio ‘Summer Surprise’ offer benefits?

Yes. Jio 'Summer Surprise' offer is available via the Jio official website and MyJio app. If you are not a Prime member yet, then you need to enrol for the subscription plan. When you open the page for Jio Prime subscriptions, you will not find at present the option to do the Rs. 99 recharge, as was the case earlier. Instead, you will be presented with a list of plans you can buy to avail Jio 'Summer Surprise' benefits. Just tick the box next to the plan you want, and hit the Buy button. The next page will show you that the Rs. 99 Jio Prime subscription fee has already been added to your checkout cart. Simply proceed to make the payment and enjoy 3 months of free services.

If I already have Jio Prime, do I still get Jio 'Summer Surprise' benefits?

If you are a Jio Prime member and have already purchased a recharge of Rs. 303 or higher value, then you will get Jio 'Summer Surprise' benefits for three months. If you are a Jio Prime user but are yet to purchase a recharge of Rs. 303 or more, then you need to buy the recharge pack as soon as possible to continue free services till July.

What happens if I don’t get Jio 'Summer Surprise' offer?

If you choose not to avail the Jio summer offer, you will soon have to start paying for all services except calls. On March 31 – the original last day for Jio Prime enrollment – the operator had provided a grace period of 15 days to customers who had not signed up yet; in this grace period, the free services were to continue. But with the TRAI order to cancel Jio 'Summer Surprise' offer, it is not clear if this grace period has also been withdrawn.  So if the grace period is rolled back sometime soon, you will have to start paying for services as a non-Prime user. 

When is Jio Prime last date?

The last date for Jio Prime subscriptions will still continue to be April 15 as the TRAI order does not affect it.

So, if you are really looking forward to using Jio then its advice to take the prime membership and recharge for Rs. 303 or more and avail the free services.

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