Thursday, 8 September 2016

Pokémon Go Announced for the Apple Watch - Apple Event

After Nintendo's Super Mario Run, it was Niantic's Pokémon Go for the Apple Watch.

Since Pokemon Go's release, it has clocked in 500 million downloads and trainers have collectively walked 4.6 billion kilometres while playing the game. However it isn't just due to the game's sheer popularity that it's seeing a release on Apple Watch. The idea, according to Niantic is to allow exploration and having fun outside with family and friends without being stuck to your phone.

Apple Watch app will display the nearby Pokémons. The distance needed to walk before an egg hatches is shown on the homescreen and a voice prompt tells you when a Pokemon is near while a vibration tells you when you're approaching a PokeStop, ensuring you never miss one. Swiping lets you collect a Pokemon. Pokemon Go for the Apple Watch will ship before the year is up.

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