Friday, 12 June 2015

Twitter Removing 140 Character Limit from Direct Messages

If you all are addicted to Twitter as me and some of my friends are, here is some good message to all the Twitter fans. Twitter has this 140 characters limit for their tweets and direct messages. Now form July on wards there will be no character limit for direct message. You need not send your messages in installments. The character limits for tweets remains the same, that is 140 characters.

The character limit will be raised from just 140 to 10,000 characters. When I shared this news to my friends, one of my friend told now it will be like Facebook, he wanted to write a novel within 140 characters. Now he can elaborate his novel properly and make it clear to the readers. 

Now the developers need to make their apps ready for the change. Not much needs to be changed by developers, they just need to add “full_text=true” to their query, so the change should be supported by most 3rd party applications. Sending longer messages will be supported automatically with no changes. 

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