Wednesday, 10 June 2015

OnePlus Two Launch Preparation with Two Contest

OnePlus has set up two contests which offers fans a chance to get their hands on an early preview of the new OnePlus 2. Two contests namely Photo Mania 2015 and ‘Your OnePlus Story’. 

Photo Mania concept is the same as to the last year’s contest. Fans will have to upload unedited and no-filter smartphone photos to Instagram and tag our account, @oneplustech. You have to explain how you got the shot, from lighting to settings. OnePlus team will choose their top 10 based on popularity (likes on Instagram) and technical ability, and it’s up the fans to decide the final winner.

For ‘Your OnePlus Story’, you need to record a video of yourself with OnePlus One smartphone. There will be three lucky fans in total. One from the Photo Mania challenge and two from the ‘Your OnePlus Story” all-expenses-paid trip to Hong Kong and also get to play a pivotal role in a secret project we have planned for the OnePlus 2 launch.

Eight runner ups from the ‘Your OnePlus Story’ challengers will also get a bift bag from the company and their video will be featured in the upcoming OnePlus Two project.

Are you ready for the contest? The contest closes on 15th of June at 12PM Eastern Time, so hurry up and share your photos and story.

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