Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Fedora 22 Linux Releasing on May 26, DNF replacing YUM Package Manager

Fedora 22
Fedora 22
Fedora 22 is on its way to the users. It's releasing on May 26, 2015, So all the Linux users mark your calender.

"Today is an important day on the Fedora 22 schedule, with a significant cut-offs," says Dennis Gilmore. "This means that only packages which fix accepted blocker or freeze exception bugs will be marked as 'stable' and included in the Final composes."

DNF will be the default package manager in Fedora 22

According to Softpedia, DNF will be the new package manager which will be replacing YUM in Fedora 22 Operating Syatem.

DNF is a fork of YUM, but it is far more advanced the Red Hat's old-school package manager used for more than a decade in numerous RPM-based operating systems. To learn more about DNF, check out its homepage.

Those of you who played with the Alpha and Beta builds of the upcoming Fedora 22 Linux distribution would know by now about DNF and how to use it. DNF uses the same command-line options like YUM, so you won't have any problems getting used to it.

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