Friday, 8 May 2015

Angry Birds Fight! Launched in Asia Pacific for Android, iPhone and iPad

Angry Birds Fight!
Angry Birds Fight!
After launching in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand, Rovio has now officially announced Angry Birds Fight in India. Angry Birds Fight is a free-to-play “match-3 frenzy where you take on other players in real-time battles of strategic, bird swapping agility!”. The game will be launched in Western countries on 11th June.

You can challenge other players globally in real-time match-three puzzles, Power up birds for the fight by matching faster and better than your opponent, Accessorize with different items to increase health, attack and add skills, Earn bird coins in fights to buy more weapons and accessories in the shop, Match 4 to activate special powers, Match 5 to start Fever Time, Play the lucky slots to unlock more items.

Download the game from here - Google Play Link, Apple Store Link.

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