Friday, 6 February 2015

SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS Gets Support With Emoji, Flow Typing on iPad

SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS
SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS

SwiftKey one of the most popular third-party keyboard options on iOS received a major update adding a highly requested feature -- emoji. Emoji can be accessed by tapping on the smiley at the bottom of the keyboard, and there's also a new predictive emoji tool that learns the most frequently used emoji and suggests them while typing.

Just like in the Android version of SwiftKey, you need not switch the keyboard to access smiley's. The app will remember the emojis used most often by users and predict them. You can find more than 800 fun emoji by tapping the “smiley” button on the bottom left of the keyboard.

Another update includes the SwiftKey's gesture typing feature called Flow on the iPad. It allows users to enter words quickly by swiping your finger across the screen. You can switch between using Flow and tapping the keyboard to type constantly, as the keyboard works both ways at all times. Flow also uses SwiftKey's prediction features to help you type faster.

It also added 11 new languages to the iOS app, which makes it now support total 32 languages. The languages include Bulgarian, Turkish, Croatian, Greek, Hinglish, Icelandic, Indonesian, Latvian, Russian, Serbian and Slovak.

Download here.

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