Tuesday, 10 February 2015

NSG2 Script Generator Tool for Generating TCL Script

This post will tell you how to use NSG2 tool for generating tcl script for NS2 simulations

NS2 Scenarios Generator 2(NSG2) is a JAVA based ns2 scenarios generator. Since NSG2 is written by JAVA language, you can run NSG on any platform. NSG2 is capable of generating both wired and wireless TCL scripts for ns2.

Some major functions of NSG2 are listed below:

  • Creating wired and wireless nodes
  • Creating connection between nodes
  • Creating links (Duplex-Link and Simplex-Link)
  • Creating agents (TCP and UDP)
  • Creating applications (CBR and FTP)
  • Node movement
You can download the latest version of NSG2 from here.

To execute NSG2, you have to install JAVA first

After installing JAVA, run the following command from your terminal

java -jar NSG2.1.jar

You will get this screen after you press enter


Once you finish making your network topology, this is how it will look

I have created a wired network with two source nodes and two destination nodes. You can see the video below for creating a wired network topology step by step

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