Wednesday 24 December 2014

Judge blocks Nestdrop marijuana delivery app in LA

Nestdrop marijuana delivery app
Nestdrop marijuana delivery app

A Los Angeles judge has ordered a stop to a smartphone application that facilitates the delivery of medical marijuana. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Robert O'Brien issued the preliminary injunction against Nestdrop on Tuesday.

City Attorney Mike Feuer sought the injunction because he says Nestdrop’s business violates Proposition D. The measure approved by voters last year limits the number of Los Angeles dispensaries and bans marijuana delivery services.

According to the lawsuit, the app, called Nestdrop, allows customers to order marijuana via a touch screen and have it delivered anywhere within the city limits.

Nestdrop co-founder Michael Pycher said, "Patients use Nestdrop in order to have their medicine delivered, often because they are either too sick from their symptoms or unwilling to inconvenience a friend or loved one that would need to go to the collective (marijuana dispensary) on their behalf. His firm will continue to serve areas outside Los Angeles city limits."

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