Sunday 28 December 2014

5 Great Things To Do With Your Old Smartphone

Usually people have the habit of upgrading their phone when something new launches. After upgrading to a new one, the old phone is sold at a very cheap price or it will be of no use.

There a many ways where you can use your old smartphone. Here I have listed 5 different ways how you can make use of your old smartphone.

1. Home security camera

There are many ways where you can turn your smartphone to a home security device. You can fix it on a window or in a corner and use it as a home surveillance device. There are many applications which will help you to turn your phone into a home security device. If you want it on iPhone or iPod, you have apps like iCamSpy, Presence, iVigilo Smartcam. for Android users you have apps like IP Webcam, Mobiola WebCamera.

You simply need to connect your phone to a WiFi network and install the app and place the smartphone in a suitable place.

2. Use it as a wireless router

Why waste money in buying Wifi dongle or data card, if you have a old smartphone you can make use of it as a wireless router. You can use the WiFi Hotspot feature of your phone to it to a connect multiple devices. You just need to have a 3G SIM with good data plan and good network.

3. Use it to keep an eye on the newborn

You can turn your old smartphone to a device which can monitor your new born baby. There are apps like Cloud baby monitor for iOS devices and Dormi for Android devices , which helps you to stay connected. There are options like real time video, two way communication provided by the app.

4. Navigation system

Why purchase a standalone GPS navigator for the car when you can use your old smartphone. All you need is to purchase a smartphone holder for your car. There a several navigation app that you can make use of, some of the app which can be used for navigation are CoPilot, Google maps both for Android and iOS devices. The Hudway app which is available for both Android and iOS devices allows you to see your directions and route right on your windshield.

5. Alarm clock

If you are still planning to buy an Alarm clock, you should think of it. You can use your smartphone. There are dozens of apps which can turn your Android tablet or smartphone into an Alarm clock. You can set alarms, schedules, reminders to keep you up on time.

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