Sunday, 19 July 2015

Hike Messenger Introduces Nepali Gorkhali Stickers

You know what they say about pictures - an image is worth a thousand words!

Of course it’s true and makes sense in so many levels, however expressing yourself could take a toll when you are keen in saying much but using lesser or, no word. Here’s when stickers come in the picture. They take sending across the sentiments and emotions to a whole new level. Whether you want to convey that you are happy, you want to appreciate the other person's concern or just a genuine smile, these stickers have taken messaging a par experience minus the hassle of having to type it out.

Allow me to proudly unveil Hike Messenger’s "NEPALI-GORKHALI" stickers!!

Developed by Bharti Softbank, India’s very own Hike is one of the many contenders to jump into the mobile messaging space, but albeit with a few neat tricks up its sleeve it has been able to grab significant number of followers with over 20 Million users and over 300K new registration per day.  The company has toppled over legacy brands including WhatsApp and Facebook to make its mark in just a period of two years. Hike is the only app to offer localized stickers and 2 way chat themes.

We are so excited and ready to download Hike messenger right away from here.

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