Wednesday, 20 February 2019

How to be the World’s 1st TRILLIONAIRE

Lets just straight away get into Figures. What’s a Trillion? A thousand Million is equalled to a Billion and a thousand more of that Billion makes a Trillion and when you own these figures into a monetary value, call yourself a Trillionaire.

John D. Rockefeller PC:
John D. Rockefeller was the richest person in modern history with a staggering net worth of 409 billion US$. Jeff Bezos, the current richest man on earth with 140 billion US$ followed by Bill Gates (97.5 billion US$) and Waren Buffett (84.5 billion US$) tops the present list of such people. But these figures are nothing compared to what we really are aiming for- A Trillion.

How do we do it? Open some multi-national tech firm or maybe invent a Time Machine or simply own a group of oil industries. The answer is ‘No’. You still would be making Billions and would never reach that Trillion mark ever. So How? – You think outside the box or say outside our world in this case. Ever heard of ‘Asteroid Mining‘? Yes, Asteroids can be mined for resources and that resources can worth Trillions of dollars.

Asteroids are basically huge rocky bodies that revolve around the sun and are believed to be debris from the collision of planets or such huge bodies. Between Mars and Jupiter, lies a region where most of these asteroids are found revolving around the sun and believe me or Neil Degrasse Tyson, an asteroid physicist as he predicts these asteroid belts carry resources enough to generate almost 100 billion US$ for every singular person on earth. Elements such as Gold, Platinium, Rhenium, Osmium and more are easily found on one such asteroid. So it’s not just being a trillionaire, it’s actually saving the earth from the scarcity of resources and eventually from extinction.

Asteroid Belt PC:
It’s estimated that an asteroid of 30m in diameter could possess platinum worth 30 billion US$ and one that has a diameter of 500m could possess half of the earth’s platinum reserves, and boy we are just referring to one such element found on the asteroid. Resources that are so rare referred to as ‘rare earth element group’ in the periodic table are easily found in abundance in these rock bodies hovering in the space.

Rare Earth Elements on the Periodic Table found on asteroids in abundance PC:
So are we talking just Theory or have mankind started such exploitations already. Yes, the race has already begun. It was in the year 2012, famous director James Cameron and Google co-founder, Larry Page funded by the Duke of Luxembourg later founded a company by the name of Planetary Resources who had this idea of Asteroid Mining. Soon in 2013 came another American company by the name of Deep Space Industries followed by Governments of many countries that started their own such programmes. It was just a year back on the 21st of September when Japan’s space agency, JAXA achieved a milestone when they landed their rover named Minerva-II1 on an asteroid and it was the world’s 1st successful landing achieved.

Minerva- II1 landing on Hayabusa II PC:
There are also many other privately owned companies like Planetoid Mines Co., Deep Space Industries, Planetary Resources, Moon Express, and others working to be the first to achieve this milestone. Asteroids have been named and identified like Ryugu which is estimated to have a value of 83billion US$, Anteros (5570 billion US$), 2001CC21 (147 billion US$), Didymos (62 billion US$) and thousand and millions of such asteroids exist all along the belt. Smaller samples of asteroids have been brought earlier in 1985 named Stardust by the USA, Japanese space shuttle Suisei had brought Hayabusa I in 2018 and in the year 2016, NASA too has launched IRIS-REX for such exploitation.

There are researches and exploitation still being conducted by expert scientists and astronomers that easily cost billions of dollars but someday when we do achieve this one milestone, we would be restarting all of our resource’s reserves and change the present scenario once and for all. It’s not that easy, huge challenges do lie in every stage and the cost of conducting one such programme is too high. There have been critics over its success chances and we never know that Space Mining or Asteroid Mining could be a reality or not, and if we do achieve it there exists complexity and confusion over the legal ownership of these asteroids and its resources or maybe the whole economic pricing standards would alter. I really don’t know for now but if we happen to be doing such programmes in the near future it would certainly be the next stage of evolution in the history of mankind and of course not forgetting the topic of my article, would turn the achiever of space mining to be the World’s 1st Trillionaire.

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